Vein Treatment

At Southeastern Vein Specialists in Hyannis, MA, Daniel Gorin and his team of vein specialists complete a comprehensive evaluation that includes the use of ultrasound to determine the best method of treatment for each patient. They use the latest medical technologies and the most effective treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. Treatment for varicose veins includes the Venefit Procedure and the Clarivein procedure. Treatment options for spider veins include sclerotherapy and ambulatory micro phlebectomy.

Our Hyannis based practice offers all of the most advanced vein treatment options:

The Venefit Procedure

with patientThe Venefit Procedure is a state-of-the-art technology and performed on an outpatient basis. The Venefit catheter is inserted into the vein through a small opening. The small catheter delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein’s wall. As the vein wall is heated, it shrinks and closes. Blood then flows to other, healthy veins. Typically, patients can resume their regular activities within one day.

The ClariVein Procedure

with patientThe ClariVein Procedure is one of the most innovative methods for treating varicose veins. As a matter of fact, Southeastern Vein Specialists was the first practice in Massachusetts to perform it.

ClariVein device is a small wire that is inserted into the vein via a small IV catheter. Its rotation injures the lining of the vein, causing it to collapse. A sclerosant medication is also used to assist in collapsing the vein and seals it shut.


Ambulatory phlebectomy is a method of surgical removal of surface veins. This is usually completed in our office using local anesthesia. Incisions are tiny and typically leave imperceptible puncture mark scars. Post-operative discomfort is minimal. After the vein has been removed by phlebectomy, a bandage and/or compression stocking is worn for a short period.


with patient

Although spider veins aren’t dangerous or painful, many people opt to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic medical procedure to remove spider veins. A tiny needle injects a solution into the spider vein.

This solution causes the vein to swell and bind together. In time, the body absorbs the spider vein. Depending on the size and amount of spider veins, multiple sessions may be needed. Spider veins typically disappear within three to six weeks of treatment.